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Recommended investment: 28/30 seeds / sqm - 22/24 pp / sqm
• Seed quantity: 8/9 kg / ha
• 1000 seeds weight: 23-25 ​​g

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Biomass source AUTAN

Description Biomass source AUTAN

Biomass hybrid source

AUTAN is a high-grain grain sorghum (180- 200 cm) that can successfully replace the corn plant in silage production in areas with high water and thermal stress. The Autan plant, with excellent stay green, provides a silage that, rich of 20% of starch and with a high level of soluble sugars that facilitate fermentation (6-10%), has excellent levels of digestibility. The productions obtained with a 30-32% dry matter crop range between 17 and 20 tons of dry substance. Grain sorghum which reaches the size of 180-200 cm; Medium cycle, class FAO 500; Advanced-full waxy ripening, with a potential output of 52-62 t / ha.

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