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• Recommended investment: 16-18 pp / mq-interfila 45/50 cm
• Seed quantity: 10 kg / ha
• 1000 seeds weight: 38-39

• 10 kg dose

FORAGE CROPS > Hybrid fodder source BMR 333

Hybrid fodder source BMR 333

Description Hybrid fodder source BMR 333

Hybrid fodder / biomass source

BMR fodder sorghum hybrids, derive from a genealogical selection and combination of very articulated sorghum lines. The result was that of obtaining sorghum types with characteristics of productivity and quality of dry substance much better than conventional forage sorghum. In particular, with regard to the qualitative aspect, we highlight: the high digestibility which, 50% higher than the common fodder springs, is due to the low content in lignin (4.2% s / s); the protein content (8.9% s / s); the high content of sugars contained in the culm (49% s / s) and the remaining parameters ADF, NDF, ethereal extract, very close to those of maize.It is a hybrid mono-sorghum sorghum characterized by a high size (350/420 cm) and a notable expansion of the foliar apparatus. Very sensitive to the photoperiod it has a very large collection window, considering that the flowering begins, depending on the time of sowing, from the middle of September until the middle of October. The fodder use of this type of plant is ensilage carried out in the flowering phase when the sugar content of the culm has the highest values.The recommended collection phase for the BMR 333 hybrid (single mowing) is approximately 10 to 15 days after the release of the panicle. You shred the plant directly in the field is you get a product with a content of 20-25% s.s. The expected production (in relation to the time of sowing, to the fertility of the soil and to the availability of water) from 50 - 80 tons / hectare as green fodder.


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