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An example of Italian excellence Seed available only for SIS cultivation contracts

The name YUME does not refer only to a variety of rice from the "tondi" group, but it supervises a real project, the first and only example of an excellent result of an integrated chain in Italian rice production. This supply chain was born a few years ago from the need of the great Japanese company Japan FoodCorporation (Kikkoman group) to obtain and produce a variety suitable for the preparation of sushi that guaranteed the total absence of GMO decontamination and the quality of the best Japanese rice. SIS has collected and won this challenge and after a few years of testing and very demanding tests has been chosen as a partner by JFC to produce, ensuring all the required requirements, the rice is then distributed and used at over 6,000 restaurants that prepare the best traditional foods Japanese in Europe, Russia and the Arabian Peninsula: YUME, which in Japanese means "Dream", was the variety created jointly by SIS and JFC for this purpose. The cultivation contracts that SIS stipulates with selected farms, initially starting from an area of ​​about 20 hectares, have come to steadily exceed the 500 ha. SIS directly controls all phases of agricultural production and, through partners chosen for their level of excellence, the industrial one, thus guaranteeing the great quality of this product which has established itself as a "flower in the eye" of "made in Italy".

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