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• Recommended sowing dose: inter-row 25/35 cm
• Seed quantity: 40-60 kg / ha
• Weight 1000 seeds gr. 37-38

FORAGE CROPS > Hybrid fodder source BMR 201

Hybrid fodder source BMR 201

Description Hybrid fodder source BMR 201

Hybrid fodder biomass source

It is a hybrid crop sorghum suitable for green feeding, haying or even for ensilage. Around 100 cm in height there is the highest content in sugars and proteins and therefore the conditions for producing excellent hay. Delaying the mowing there are no significant increases in lignin content to guarantee a high quality forage. In spring sowing, with good environmental agronomic conditions, 4-5 cuttings can be obtained with total biomass production in the order of 60/80 tons has. It is advisable to make the first cut in the botticella phase, high plant c.a 100 -120 cm In this phase we collect a forage with high nutritional value. The protein content goes from 17 - 20% s.s. in the pre-botticella phase up to 8-10% s.s. in bloom. Always use the mower-conditioner for cutting, which makes the loss of moisture faster and more uniform. The recommended collection phase for the BMR 201 (multi-leaf) is the botticella (100-120 cm tall plant) using a mowing-conditioner and after a period of pre-drying in the field the product is chopped The expected production (in relation to the No. of mowing, at the time of sowing, the fertility of the soil and the availability of water) from 80 - 100 tonnes / ha as green fodder.


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