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Italian ryegrass ASSO

Description Italian ryegrass ASSO

A widely-grown forage, lolium multiflorum is more commonly known as Italian rye grass. It is one of the best grass meadow plants, as it easily and quickly establishes, is high yielding and sowing and use times are wide-ranging.  
    The plant grows until late autumn and regrowth is very early, allowing for 2 harvests in good conditions. An important distinction between rye grasses is the chromosome complement which may be:

- Diploid (2n) a plant with thin halm and leaves, particularly suitable for hay

- Tetraploid (4n) a particularly vigorous plant, with larger stems, and wide, long leaves generally abundant in water. This type is particularly suitable for silage. 
    A further distinction concerns the subspecies and duration of the growing cycle:

- Annual (Lolium Multiflorum Westerwoldicum) suitable for grass meadows 

- Biennial (Lolium Multiflorum Italicum) suitable for grass meadows, and short-term meadows.
    Regardless of the growth characteristics that make different varieties more or less suitable for a given use, the yield, expressed in Kg of dry matter/ha does not significantly differ among different types.

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